About Saphire

Saphire Sustainable Development (“Saphire”) leverages a broad range of comprehensive custom utility scale energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions including design, implementation, operation and complete project financing.

End-to-end full service clean energy solutions provider

Saphire is a leader in electricity, heat and cooling energy generation, designed to reduce emission and cut energy cost.

Our operations

  • Energy Generation

    The Energy Generation segment derives its revenues from Saphire’s own investments in small to mid-sized energy generation facilities by installing engines which are capable of cogeneration (production of electricity and heat), or, with the addition of absorption chillers, of trigeneration (electricity, heat and cooling).
  • Renewable energy

    The professional team of Saphire can uniquely judge project development quality based on the experience of the previous successful development of utility-scale renewable projects in several European countries.
  • Energy services

    In the Energy Services segment, revenues are generated by providing energy services to clients and by sharing energy savings with them.

Our projects