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Energy generation

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The Energy Generation segment derives its revenues from Saphire’s own investments in small to mid-sized energy generation facilities by installing engines which are capable of cogeneration (production of electricity and heat), or, with the addition of absorption chillers, of trigeneration (electricity, heat and cooling). Electricity generated by these facilities is typically sold mainly to the local grid, while heat and cooling are sold to municipal and/or industrial clients.

Saphire has designed, implemented and operated Energy Generation plants in the region.

Map of energy generation projects

Renewable energy

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The professional team of Saphire can uniquely judge project development quality based on the experience of the previous successful development of utility-scale renewable projects in several European countries.

Saphire is constantly improving standardized system architecture for alternative energy sources that result in fast and lean planning and implementation cycles. The internalization of all activities in-house enables Saphire more control over quality and velocity.

Saphire’s longstanding cooperation with experienced tier one suppliers has streamlined supply chain and construction. Our strong vendor and manufacturer independence enables our technical template to constantly evolve delivering investment-grade high-efficiency power plants while constantly reducing amount of investment.

Saphire’s hands-on operations and maintenance of operating assets constantly delivers valuable insights into maximizing output and reducing costs.

Saphire is permanently investing significant funds in building a diversified pipeline in alternative energy projects in the CEE region. This segment therefore plays an important role in Saphire’s current strategy.

Saphire is a leading solar project developer company providing clean electricity to utilities and large energy buyers. With a recurrent development pipeline of over 50MWp, we are meeting rising energy demand generated with a fleet of clean power plants located right where they’re needed most. Saphire has the technical and financial resources necessary to deliver utility or industrial solar at any scale. Our focus is green or brown field utility solar systems above 5 MWp.

Saphire is focusing on wind projects typically in the range of 10 to 50 MW of electrical capacity, depending on the stage of development of the local market, specifically in Poland and Romania, as these countries currently have a significant number of suitable sites to establish wind projects, as well as a number of wind projects in early development stage and favorable local regulations promoting wind energy utilization.

Saphire is generally focusing on bioenergy projects processing solid, gasiform or liquid feedstocks for energy generation. The bioenergy projects which Saphire primarily is interested in are biomass cogeneration units fired directly by biomass production.

While Bionergy is part of our overall strategy Saphire invests in Bioenergy projects only on an opportunistic basis.

Map of renewable energy projects

Energy services

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In the Energy Services segment, revenues are generated by providing energy services to clients and by sharing energy savings with them. The Energy Services segment is comprised of:

  • balancing services, where Saphire’s offers its generation capacites to provide grid balancing service for the network operator,
  • energy outsourcing, where Saphire takes responsibility for clients’ energy generating assets and revenues are created by selling the produced energy (in the form of electricity, heat, cooling and/or other energy) back to the clients,
  • energy efficiency, where Saphire invests in the refurbishment and upgrading of the clients’ energy generating assets to make them more efficient and to reduce costs. In turn, the company is paid by the clients based upon the savings generated by the investment in energy efficiency.

Map of energy services projects