Energy generation

Energy generation in Mosonmagyaróvár

Our Mosonmagyaróvár facility invested approximately EUR 10 million to construct a 9 MWel cogeneration power plant and the refurbishment of existing heat generating facilities. We supply heat to the municipality’s district heating company and to various local industrial and commercial companies throughout long term contracts. The cogeneration power plant provides system balancing services to MAVIR, the Hungarian TSO, through a a virtual power plant, while the electricity produced is sold to a virtual power plant. We are extending the power plant with a 3 MWel cogeneration unit.

Energy generation in Dunakeszi

We won a tender to install and operate a 2 MW cogeneration gas engine generating heat and electricity at the site of the district heating plant of Dunakeszi, a suburb of Budapest. The heat has been sold to the local district heating company while electricity to a virtual power plant.

Energy generation for Hospital in Vác

Under this project, we installed a 1.6 MWe natural gas fired cogeneration unit. The heat recovered from the cooling of the engine and the heat recovered from the fuel gases has been used to produce steam for basic heat and sterilizing and domestic hot water, while electricity has been sold to the grid.

Energy generation for Hospital in Salgótarján

We won a tender to supply heat and steam to the Regional Hospital of Salgótarján under a long term contract. We invested in the facility we operate for the Salgótarján Hospital by installing of a 2.2 MW gas engine and in cooperation with the hospital we also added an absorption chiller to the system that uses waste heat produced by the system to supply cooling to the hospital in the summer.

Energy Generation in Győr

We have implemented and operated a Combined Heat and Power Plant consisting of three gas engines totalling 8.5 MW of electric capacity in Gyor. The heat generated by the engines were sold to local industrial clients while the electricity to a virtual power plant.