Energy services

Municipal lighting projects in Hungary

The company had long term energy efficiency contracts with over 70 municipalities in Hungary where we were paid based on the achieved energy savings of our partners as a result of our investments.

Energy outsourcing in Audi, Hungary

Automobile and parts manufacturer Audi Hungária Motor Kft. has signed a long term contract for chilled water supply from Saphire’s plant in Gyor. The contract allowed Saphire to further leverage the energy capacity previously installed at the Rába site.

Energy outsourcing, heat and hot water supply in South Poland

Saphire’s sister company has acquired ownership and Saphire’s current management has been responsible for the operation of a combined heat and power plant, with a thermal capacity of over 80 MW and an electricity capacity of 7 MW in Gorlice in South Poland.

A number of investments to improve the facility, including the installation of a new, efficient heating turbine, a cooling tower, an instrument and control system has been made.

ESCO project at Helios in Romania

We signed a long term energy efficiency contract with Helios, a brick manufacturer in Romania. We made several energy saving investments with respect to their operations, primarily waste heat recycling and an energy management system.

Energy outsourcing at Rába Industrial Park in Győr, Hungary

We negotiated a 20-year contract involving full energy and utilities outsourcing for vehicle components maker Rába Automotive and for all companies that are located on Rába’s premises. The contract includes supply of all utility services including heat, electricity, hot water, steam, cooling, water treatment, compressed air and lighting to the Rába industrial zone. The facility operated by Saphire’s subsidiary includes a Combined Heat and Power Plant consisting of three gas engines totalling 8.5 MW of electric capacity.

We have implemented a series of energy efficiency investments which, among others, includes a new energy management system, a refurbishment of heating system, efficiency improvements in compressed air supply, and drilling of own wells for water supply.

After several years of successful operation, Saphire divested the project in 2016.

Energy outsourcing, heat and hot water supply in Mielec, Poland

Saphire’s sister company has developed and Saphire’s current management has been responsible for the operation of a combined heat and power plant in Mielec of South Poland which serves the local district heating company as well as a several industrial clients with energy. Investments to improve the facility has been made, including the purchase and installation of a 20 MWel extraction condensing engine and a new transformer