Romanian legislation


The Romanian president Traian Basescu initiated the re-examination of the decision of the parliament reinforced in July 2013, regarding renewable energy certificates for small hydro, wind and solar capacities. Market players claim the decision can create serious gaps in the projected revenue targets. The Romanian authorities delayed the issue of green certificates for wind, two in solar and one in small hydro capacities, which will be recovered between 2017-2020. The presidency reasoning was: “The approval of the GEO no. 57/2013, until the fulfillment of obligation in the Treaty regarding the functioning of the EU is inopportune and exposes Romania to a set of prior complaints for violation of the constituent treaties of the EU,” On the other hand the presidency also raised the concern that the European Union already sent two letters to the government highlighting that EU was not pre notified prior of the approval of those new acts by the Romanian parliament.