Polish RES Act passes Sejm


After five years of work and no progress, the Polish RES law passed the Sejm surprisingly with a last minute vote. The law still needs to pass the Senate before the President signs it.
However, the decision by the Sejm was a giant leap for the Polish RES market. It will induce significant short-term investments by prosumers (small investors and house owners using a part of the electricity they generate). Hence, 300 MWp of PV-projects up to 3kWp and 500 MWp of PV-projects ranging from 3 kWp to 10 kWp are subsidized.
The RES law defines feed-in tariffs for the projects up to 10kWp and a support period of 15 years. Installations up to 3 kWp qualify for a tariff of PLN 0.75/kWh (EUR 0.174). Projects of 3-10kWp capacity are eligible for PLN 0.65/kWh (EUR 0.15). Furthermore, the prosumers also receive direct subsidies of 40% of the total investment and project financing at an interest rate of 1%.

For projects > 1MWp the new regulation plans to introduce auctions of fixed-price contracts (CfD). The first auction will take place in 2016.